“Firm foundation – high ambition”, Military Petrochemical JSC has been growing rapidly and achieving many outstanding results in all aspects of its business. With each step of development, MIPEC is always faithful to its vision and mission set by the Executive Board:


With respect to the market:

MIPEC is faithful to its mission of ensuring the national defense, using its profit to invest in technology and equipment so that the products and services provided to the customers are always of highest quality and meet the market’s requirement.

With respect to shareholders and partners:

MIPEC is committed to be a reliable partner that always shares its resources with its shareholders and partners and increase their investment value as well.

With respect to the staff:

MIPEC creates a humane, dynamic, creative working environment to provide a fair and stable opportunity for all staff to help increase their income and develop their career.

With respect to the society:

MIPEC understands its responsibility to the society, thus its interest is always in harmony with the society's benefit by contributing greatly to the gratitude activities, preserve and promote the culture, history value for community.


MIPEC wants to develop a reliable and prestigious brand, with a strategic vision reflecting the spirit, capacity, and initiative of the soldiers. It never stops innovating and perfecting each of its product as its sacred motto. With the advantages in capital and technology from its shareholders and partners, MIPEC aims to expand its scale to become one of the top multi-industry, multi-shareholder corporations in Vietnam.