Military Petrochemical Joint Stock Company (MIPEC) was established in 2003. Producing specialized lubricants and grease for national defense in the beginning, MIPEC has continuous expanded and diversified investment such as petroleum and oil production for civil requirement, warehouse and wharf, trade in services, retail, and especially real estate business. In any field, MIPEC were marked by the high quality products and services. Especially, after just a short time since entering the real estate market, MIPEC has become a prestigious brand, attractive to investors and customers with the prime location projects, constructions are invested thorough, diversity in types, peculiar architecture and accordance with customer demand.

After 20 years of operation, MIPEC has marked an obvious advance in business scale and production-business result as well. MIPEC’s charter capital has reached VND 1 trillion by August 2015, which was a 50-fold increase against its initial charter capital of VND 20 billion. In 2022, MIPEC’s total revenue reached VND 13.1 trillion, total asset VND 7.4 trillion, and had 400 employees and branches – member units across the country. The company ranked high in VNR500 (top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam) for 15 consecutive years and FAST 500 (top 500 fastest rising enterprises) in Vietnam for 7 years. 

Besides advancing in production and business, MIPEC always focuses on social work, actively participate in community activities. MIPEC has participated in many meaningful activities such as sponsoring the construction and renovation of projects for policy beneficiary families, supporting the preservation of cultural, historical and social projects, and joining in charity works to help low-income people or children in mountainous areas.

With such achievements, in 2019, MIPEC had the honour to be awarded the Labor Order, second class, by the state president. For several consecutive years, MIPEC has been awarded certificates of merit by the chairman of Hanoi People's Committee. MIPEC party committee has always maintained its title of being “Transparent – Strong – Exemplar”.

“Relentless innovation and development”, together with a firm foundation in technology, finance, human resources, administration experience and cooperation strategy with major partners, MIPEC will continue getting new achievements and contribute to the social-economic growth of the nation.