To continue  the success of the  education promoting program in 2016, the Military Petrochemical Joint Stock Company (MIPEC) held an event called "Let’s go to school together” on September 11, 2017. The MIPEC’s volunteer team visited and gave presents to pupils at Hoa Lan and Lao Chai kindergartens in Mu Cang Chai Town, in Yen Bai Province on the occasion of the New School Year 2017 - 2018.

On behalf of the MIPEC, some leaders of the company had joined in the program including Deputy Secretary of the MIPEC’s Party Committee, Thai Ba Hong, and other Party members, president of the MIPEC’s Trade Union, Ho Thi Thanh Huyen, Secretary of MIPEC Youth Union, Pham Xuan Dung, and some other members the company’s Youth Union.

The MIPEC volunteer team goes over 300km to Hoa Lan and Lao Chai kindergartens

MIPEC's volunteer team reached the Hoa Lan and Lao Chai kindergartens after passing more than 300km of sloppy and rugged mountain roads. They are two among many sites which were heavily damaged by the recent flash flood. Tables, chairs, and lots of other furniture in these facilities had been completely destroyed by the floods, which have made teaching and learning activities very difficult. Understanding the difficulties and hardship of teachers and students of Hoa Lan and Lao Chai kindergartens, MIPEC gave them 140 tables, 280 chairs and 150 wooden kid beds to help them better prepare for the New School Year.

MIPEC volunteers bring gifts to students in the mountainous province of Yen Bai

The happy smiles on the faces of students in Hoa Lan and Lao Chai kindergartens had brought warmth to MIPEC’s volunteer team and helped them see the value of giving and receiving.

The joy of the children in the mountainous area when receiving gifts

Visiting and giving presents to pupils from low-income families in mountainous  areas is MIPEC's annual community support program which has helped build a better society as well as educate MIPEC's staff on the good Vietnamese tradition, as an idiom that goes “ The good leaves protect the worn-out leaves.”

MIPEC volunteer team took photographs at Lao Chai Kindergarten

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